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Media Gallery™ Update (ver. 1.­4.­2.­13250) PE SELF-EXTRACTING rilasciato 2011.02.24.

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Categoria Portatili
Marchio SONY
Dispositivo VPCCW2VFX/B
Sistema operativo Windows 7 64-bit
Versione 1.­4.­2.­13250
File dimensione 297.66 Mb
Rilasciato 2011.02.24
Trova & Scarica

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Media Gallery™ Update driver for SONY VPCCW2VFX/­B This utility updates the Media Gallery software to version 1.­4.­2.­13250 and provides the following benefits: "Home" and "Tool" icons have been added The "Volume" icon is now located on the top right-hand corner for better visibility Adds the user option to sort music using the "Genre" selection Adds the user option to sort pictures using the "Folders" selection.­ Adds the user options to sort pictures using the "Display only photos with smiles",­ "Display only photos with Faces",­ "Display only photos",­ and "Display only video" selections Added the option to perform a search within Media Gallery by using the "Search" selection Improves Media Gallery application performance Enables the BRAVIA® Internet Video feature Enables the Gesture function within the Media Gallery software Resolves an issue where the Media Gallery software will not start after running the "System Tune-up" feature within the VAIO Care™ application

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